Hair Dryer with Comb Attachment How to Use Them

Do you have wild curly hair and wish to tame it down? Do you have straight hair that you simply wish to smoothen out and get rid of its tangles? Or do you wish to add volume and body to your hair? Either way, a hair dryer with comb attachment will do wonders for your hair. Whether your hair is curly; wavy; straight; thick; or fine, this versatile hair styling tool can cater to your styling needs.

In terms of convenience and time, it won’t let you down, for with it, you can fix your hair in ease and quickly. You just pop in the comb attachment to your hair dryer, and you’ll see how it efficiently works on your hair as you turn it on and let the comb attachment run down your hair. You won’t need to hold a comb or brush with your other hand, and you’ll be able to part your hair easily, while you dry your hair.

How do you exactly use it?









Here is a step by step to guide you on the proper way of using it.

Before anything else, you’re going to have to separate your hair into sections with some hair clips. So, you’ll work on your hair section by section. That way, each part of your hair will be given attention for an overall gorgeous finish. Also, don’t forget to apply heat protectant to your hair before using the hair dryer.

There is a common mistake people often do when using it, though. They would go straight in, making it hard for them to detangle. What is advisable would be to turn the nozzle a slight bit and go at an angle. That is the effective technique to achieve beautifully hair dried tangle-free hair.

Once you’ve got your hair into separate sections, make sure your nozzle is already tilted for easy drying and combing, then go on with the first section you want to work on first, starting at the ends. Always, you must start at the ends, and then you can work your way up. You must concentrate on each part of the section you’re working on, starting from the ends going up to make sure you get rid of the unwanted tangles. Once you’re finished with one section, you can move on to the other and so on.

It’s that simple, even without going to the salon and costing you money to have your hair done, you could achieve the smoother straighter tangle-free hair you’ve always wanted just by yourself.